Wanted: Short, Awkward, Brown-Eyed Neat Freak

I always end up doing this to myself. I get really good at writing for a while, then I get SUPER BUSY (hello, life, nice to see you again) and then once I go to start writing again, I get overwhelmed by everything that has happened and want to write about it all, but then the post just becomes a jumbled dump of my crazy life the past two weeks, and nothing seems meaningful. So I will put off talking about my wild and crazy past two weeks another time, and explain why I was too incredibly busy/stressed/unavailable to blog for a while. But since I have been SUPER slacking on my “Blog Everyday In May” thing, I am going to catch up on a few of those now. I have decided that I am not going to write for everyday as catch up, but instead I will use those topics to write about when I am stuck in writer’s block for something to write about. I think that’s a pretty good idea if I do say so myself.

So one of the few topics I will try to cover today:

Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

I’d like to say I know myself pretty well, so here goes nothing. I figured I would make a list, because that is the most efficient way to name things. Also, I was going to write a little disclaimer or note with each word, but then I realize that would be more than 10 words. I am so smart sometimes.

1. Short

2. Loud

3. Organized

4. Driven

5. Strong

6. Motivated

7. Brunette

8. Funny

9. Educated

10. Clumsy

and that about sums it up. Some other posts I read on this subject people were all creative, and write poems or used song lyrics. I guess me doing this as a list really shows how organized and task-driven I am. I need to have that checklist that I can cross out and see everything in order. OH WELL. I LIKE IT!



Fun Fridays!




So this week’s Friday post is going to be short and sweet. Between being sick with strep throat and an ear infection, to my 4 finals due within a two day period, and being up in Pittsburgh for the weekend. I’ve had a crazy past few days. So here is a wrap up!


1. I got these coral pants at Old Navy last week, and I’m OBSESSED with them. I have been wanting a pair of coral or mint or super stylish jeans sometime, and everything was 30% off at Old Navy that day, but oh my god do I love these. Also, excuse the tag on the shirt still….which isn’t new. I bought that a whole year ago and didn’t have anything to wear it with until now!

2. At work, we had our superlative presentation this week, and my best friend and I won the coolest staff duo. Needless to say, I’m a little bit obsessed with us.

3. While out celebrating one of my good friend’s birthdays, the local Mexican place was having Cindo De Mayo deals and were serving Corona-itas! My two favorite things in one! It was delicious!

4. While I was sick in bed with strep throat and an ear infection, this cutie was there by my side to keep me company.

5. What college experience would be complete without a toga party? I finally got to go to one. Check off the bucket list!


Hope ya’ll have a great week!



Talkative Tuesday and Thursday

Well, as usual, I am behind on writing (this everyday thing is FUN but it is KILLING ME) This week isn’t even finals week yet (technically) but it’s about that time. Good ol’ Blacksburg has been rainy and bleak and cold for the past 4 days, so that doesn’t really help any motivation to study/be productive/leave my bed. I was up til 3 am last night doing homework/making a scrapbook for my big (TSM, I know). But a lot of exciting things are culminating this week, finals, sorority stuff, and to add to it I am going home to Pittsburgh tomorrow night. I am only going for the weekend, because my little brother is going home to go to Prom with his girlfriend. I haven’t been home since the beginning of December so it will be a nice little break away from school and finals for a day or two. But anyways, before I ramble on more…here is the past two days of what I should be blogging about…


Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

– That I will never be happy. For some reason I have this irrational fear that my entire world will come crashing down and everything will go to hell. I guess that’s just anxiety for ya.

– That I will never get married/I will get divorced. I think at this point in my life my future life is so far out there to me, that it is weird to worry about that already. But it is scary to end up alone forever. And although I am young and still have so much living to do, I cannot wait to be a wife and mother and hope to GOD that I get to fulfill both of those roles at some point in my life.

– Bees. To the point that I will usually tell people that I am allergic so it doesn’t look as crazy when I run away screaming….cause I will do that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

– Ladders. I’m not afraid of heights. But I don’t like the process of going up to them by way of ladders. They are unstable and scary. Just get me on some stairs. Unless they are the creepy creaky kind that are basically just planks of wood stacked on top of each other but are really trying to be stairs…you’re not fooling anyone….If I can see through you, you are a ladder.

– Bugs. come on. no one actually likes bugs….except this guy…but he is in fact a fictional character, so boom, no one likes bugs.


I’m skipping day 8 because my brain is fried and I couldn’t think of anything exciting enough to write for it.


Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

So today my brother and I road tripped back to Pittsburgh for the weekend. He is going to prom with his girlfriend who is a senior on Friday, and I just wanted to tag along for the ride. I haven’t been home since December and am going to be in Blacksburg all summer, so I decided this would be the perfect “getaway”. Most of the trip for me consisted of snapchatting friends, as seen here. But it really was a gorgeous day and it was nice to just spend some time with my brother one on one. He and I are always both so busy with school and work and life even though we still only live like 5 minutes apart and go to the same school, it’s an occasion if we even see each other once a week.



I’mma Do Me

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

Well, I am a college student, so it’s hard to answer this question without saying “I go to school” or talk about my semi-time (recently it has been more than part time less than full time, haha) job here at school, because both of these things have become a huge part of my life. But I guess I will do my best to avoid those two things, and let you all know “what I do”.

I plan. I am the most planning person you know. This is not to say that I can’t be spontaneous or whatever, but I have learned with me, I need a schedule, and that I need to stick to it. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it, but it helps me more than hurts me, so I continue to do it. This is my planner on a weekly basis…colored coded and all.


I spend a lot of time alone. Whether it is studying, or going to the gym, or just sitting around at home watching TV, I am usually by myself. I know overall I am an extroverted person, but everyone needs their introvert time. It can get exhausting being around people so much, and things like that I find that I need to just do what I want, and so I spend that time alone so I can accomplish what I need to do. Sounds selfish, but it’s not.

I try to be there for those that I love. I know everyone in this world has such a busy schedule, but whenever the people that I love the most really need it, I try to be there as much as possible. Whether it is to lend some laundry money (my little brother), pick up an extra shift (for my coworkers), Facetime with a friend who lives faraway, or just have a partner in crime to hang out with, I will always be there.

I sing. NOT WELL and NOT SERIOUSLY. I sing in the shower. I sing when I’m getting ready. I sing when I’m home alone. I sing when I dance around in my underwear. Actually. I do that. It is a real thing. And I love every second of it.

I dream. I dream a lot. I dream about next week. And next month. And this summer. And my college graduation (I also dread it though). I dream of my life after college. I dream of living in my studio apartment in some big city sitting alone on Saturday mornings drinking coffee in my underwear and then venturing off into an adventure in the city (Hence the word, DREAM). I dream of the day I am finally working in a high school as a guidance counselor helping kids get to the best four years of their lives like I had.

I laugh. Whether it is laughing with my friends, being goofy, or telling a joke (I have some super funny penguin jokes) I am always busting a gut at something or the other. I try to smile as much as possible. After going through some pretty tough stuff in my life, I’ve learned that no one wants to be around you if you’re constantly sad. There is just no reason for it.


so yeah, I guess that sums it up for now. I hope ya’ll enjoyed learning what I “do”.



Notable Quotables.

Day 4, Saturday: Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it

Let me just start this post by saying how much easier I thought this was going to be. For those of you that know me very personally, you know that I have kept quote notebooks. I hate quite a few of them, and the majority of them are FILLED with quotes.


Movie quotes, book quotes, quotes I made up, quotes people have said to me, basically just important words in my life. I woke up early this morning around 8:00, and it has taken me a good two hours, scouring my quote notebooks, Pinterest boards, files on my computer, and every other sort of media of quotes I have, to find one that I am finally “happy” with. I think if I had been writing this about 3 months ago, I would have found some “lovey dovey soulmate” kind of quote, but that’s not how I feel right now. Not that there is anything WRONG with that, but I have been going through some big life changes and transitions lately, and I think this quote fits me quite well. I think a lot of us get caught up in the great race of life, trying to be the prettiest, the smartest, the most athletic, the most fashionable, the mom that can do everything, the perfect wife, the best co-worker, everything! I think people can get caught up in life, and really loose sight of themselves. Something that I have learned through myself these past few months, is that I need to listen to myself, trust myself, and believe in myself, and if I am happy, everything else will fall into place. Who knows, maybe if I were to re-write this again in another 6 months or a year, I would for sure pick a different quote. But at this time, this is exactly what I need, and exactly what I’m feeling. And that’s fine with me, and I think that’s all I really need.



I love to surround myself with inspirational words, they really help me think and get motivated. They make me think more critically than I normally would, and challenge myself to live the way I aspire to. Sometimes it can be hard listening to all the voices and words that the media throws at us, but once you find the right words, whether in reading, writing, or speech, they really can mean the world to you.



Awkward is my middle name!

Things that make you uncomfortable:

So this “theme” I guess I thought was going to be SUPER easy to write about, and once I started, it was actually kind of hard to come up with things. Not sure why, as I am probably one of the most awkward people ever. I get embarrassed, but that does not hold me back from doing stupid/silly/crazy things pretty much daily. Considering my twitter name is so__awKWARD (embodying my awkward nature and putting a nice twist on my name in there too) I figured I’d have lots to write about. I guess I am just someone who does a lot of awkward things, but not many things make me feel personally uncomfortable. If that makes any sense. Ask any one of my friends, especially once you get a few drinks in me, there’s not really anything I wouldn’t do. (Okay that sounded bad, I meant I’m a lot of fun and super outgoing, let’s not get gross here…) But anyways, before I say anything else stupid, here we go!

– Talking to professors: nothing is worse than aimlessly making your way into a professor’s office to discuss a class related item. Although I do go to a rather HUGE school, I feel like a lot of professors just don’t give a damn. Granted there are professors that do care, but they are rare. I have learned to not take them for granted.

– Public Transportation: Taking the bus is just awful. It’s always either too hot or too cold. It’s also awkward cause I get mad when people sit next to me, but then I get mad if they choose an empty seat next to someone else instead of me (for some reason I get super offended, like what is wrong with me? I showered today I promise). Being a college student without a car has made me rely so much on public transportation I can’t even wait to graduate and get a car of my own.

– Talking on the phone, with people I know. I have no problem calling up the pizza guy, or ordering Chinese, or calling a store to ask what time they are open til, but I really dislike talking to my parents and family on the phone. It makes me feel awkward.

– Going to a party/function alone: I am always the person that will text one of my friends or try to meet up with a friend before going somewhere. I hate walking into the party alone, what if there isn’t a lot of people there yet, what if I’m wearing the wrong thing, ahh it stresses me out so much.

– When creepy guys hit on me at the bar. Take note of the word creepy.

Well, I guess that’s all I can think of now, but I think that is a pretty good list. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s topic, this is turning out to be tons of fun!




So a few of the blogs I follow have started this “Blog Everyday In May” thing, and I decided it would be a good way to get me to write more. Since it is already May 2nd, I will use this post to make up for the past two days. I’m kind of super excited for this, cause once I get writing I’m good to go, but it’s coming up with things to write about that really gets me. So here goes nothing.
WARNING: I think a lot of these topics will make me reveal things I wouldn’t normally about myself, so I’m gonna be as honest as possible, even if it is too much info sometimes.

Day One: The Story of your life in 250 words or less:

My name is Kate Ward, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have 4 siblings, three of them are half, and one is real, but we all consider each other siblings anyways. My parents got divorced when I was in 3rd grade. I remember this specifically because my teacher, Mr. Zuppe, talked to me about it to ask if I was okay, and I remember it being one of the nicest things in the world. I started swimming competitively from a very young age (I was 5, and they didn’t usually let kids start until age 6) and did it all through high school. I had a full ride scholarship at a private school to swim, but decided to turn it down. I graduated in 2010 from Avonworth High School, in a class of 98 students, 20 of which I also went to preschool with. I was homecoming queen my senior year, which I have to say was probably a highlight of my time there. My senior year I decided to get out of that small town bubble and move to Blacksburg, Virginia, where I now attend Virginia Tech. I thought I wanted to be an athletic trainer, but after getting my ass handed to me after my first two years here, I have switched into Human Development, with a focus in guidance counseling. I am part of the most amazing sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and love my sisters with all my heart. (245, just made it!)

Day two, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you’d like (serious and education or funny and sarcastic)

I think something that I would consider myself good at or know a lot about would be swimming. Like I mentioned before, I started swimming at a local pool because my mom was the owner, and the rest is history. I joined the summer league when I was just 5 years old, and usually they don’t let kids join until they are 6. I was by far the smallest person on the team, but I loved it so much. It’s hard to believe that my first swim lesson I had when I was 3 or 4 I cried and begged to be taken out of the pool. I guess it’s kind of hard to show my expertise on something like a sport, but I swam competitively year round until 9th grade, then I decided to take a break. I then re-joined the league at my high school (it was actually a joint team with another nearby school because my school didn’t have a pool) and I fell in love with it all over again. Whenever I am in the water I feel free, and fast. I also ran cross-country for all for years of high school, and I was mediocre at best. Swimming was something that came natural to me and I was actually good at. My senior year when I was applying to colleges, it was a hard decision for me to make if I wanted to continue to swim in college or not. I had an offer from a private school called Duquesne, about 15 minutes from my house in Pittsburgh, for a full ride to swim. Tuition there is more expensive than most out of state schools, and it would be totally free for me. I decided to turn it down, to move on to a larger, farther away school. Sometimes I think about it and wonder what my life would be like if I had chosen to go there, but I don’t regret it for a second. I love my life here at Virginia Tech, and am confident this is where I was meant to be. Swimming was fun for the time I did it, and I’m sure it will always be something I find joy in.


All of the seniors on my swim team that year!


Relay team for WPIAL Championships


This is a super embarrassing photo, but who cares. I was stoked.

Also, I wish I was at home in Pittsburgh so I could dig up some awesome swim team pictures from circa 1998, but unfortunately I’m not. So for now, these ones from my senior year (and WPIAL Championship) will have to do!

Alright, so hopefully I will keep up this blog everyday thing going, now that I’m all caught up. Enjoy!