Awkward is my middle name!

Things that make you uncomfortable:

So this “theme” I guess I thought was going to be SUPER easy to write about, and once I started, it was actually kind of hard to come up with things. Not sure why, as I am probably one of the most awkward people ever. I get embarrassed, but that does not hold me back from doing stupid/silly/crazy things pretty much daily. Considering my twitter name is so__awKWARD (embodying my awkward nature and putting a nice twist on my name in there too) I figured I’d have lots to write about. I guess I am just someone who does a lot of awkward things, but not many things make me feel personally uncomfortable. If that makes any sense. Ask any one of my friends, especially once you get a few drinks in me, there’s not really anything I wouldn’t do. (Okay that sounded bad, I meant I’m a lot of fun and super outgoing, let’s not get gross here…) But anyways, before I say anything else stupid, here we go!

– Talking to professors: nothing is worse than aimlessly making your way into a professor’s office to discuss a class related item. Although I do go to a rather HUGE school, I feel like a lot of professors just don’t give a damn. Granted there are professors that do care, but they are rare. I have learned to not take them for granted.

– Public Transportation: Taking the bus is just awful. It’s always either too hot or too cold. It’s also awkward cause I get mad when people sit next to me, but then I get mad if they choose an empty seat next to someone else instead of me (for some reason I get super offended, like what is wrong with me? I showered today I promise). Being a college student without a car has made me rely so much on public transportation I can’t even wait to graduate and get a car of my own.

– Talking on the phone, with people I know. I have no problem calling up the pizza guy, or ordering Chinese, or calling a store to ask what time they are open til, but I really dislike talking to my parents and family on the phone. It makes me feel awkward.

– Going to a party/function alone: I am always the person that will text one of my friends or try to meet up with a friend before going somewhere. I hate walking into the party alone, what if there isn’t a lot of people there yet, what if I’m wearing the wrong thing, ahh it stresses me out so much.

– When creepy guys hit on me at the bar. Take note of the word creepy.

Well, I guess that’s all I can think of now, but I think that is a pretty good list. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s topic, this is turning out to be tons of fun!



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