Talkative Tuesday and Thursday

Well, as usual, I am behind on writing (this everyday thing is FUN but it is KILLING ME) This week isn’t even finals week yet (technically) but it’s about that time. Good ol’ Blacksburg has been rainy and bleak and cold for the past 4 days, so that doesn’t really help any motivation to study/be productive/leave my bed. I was up til 3 am last night doing homework/making a scrapbook for my big (TSM, I know). But a lot of exciting things are culminating this week, finals, sorority stuff, and to add to it I am going home to Pittsburgh tomorrow night. I am only going for the weekend, because my little brother is going home to go to Prom with his girlfriend. I haven’t been home since the beginning of December so it will be a nice little break away from school and finals for a day or two. But anyways, before I ramble on more…here is the past two days of what I should be blogging about…


Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

– That I will never be happy. For some reason I have this irrational fear that my entire world will come crashing down and everything will go to hell. I guess that’s just anxiety for ya.

– That I will never get married/I will get divorced. I think at this point in my life my future life is so far out there to me, that it is weird to worry about that already. But it is scary to end up alone forever. And although I am young and still have so much living to do, I cannot wait to be a wife and mother and hope to GOD that I get to fulfill both of those roles at some point in my life.

– Bees. To the point that I will usually tell people that I am allergic so it doesn’t look as crazy when I run away screaming….cause I will do that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

– Ladders. I’m not afraid of heights. But I don’t like the process of going up to them by way of ladders. They are unstable and scary. Just get me on some stairs. Unless they are the creepy creaky kind that are basically just planks of wood stacked on top of each other but are really trying to be stairs…you’re not fooling anyone….If I can see through you, you are a ladder.

– Bugs. come on. no one actually likes bugs….except this guy…but he is in fact a fictional character, so boom, no one likes bugs.


I’m skipping day 8 because my brain is fried and I couldn’t think of anything exciting enough to write for it.


Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

So today my brother and I road tripped back to Pittsburgh for the weekend. He is going to prom with his girlfriend who is a senior on Friday, and I just wanted to tag along for the ride. I haven’t been home since December and am going to be in Blacksburg all summer, so I decided this would be the perfect “getaway”. Most of the trip for me consisted of snapchatting friends, as seen here. But it really was a gorgeous day and it was nice to just spend some time with my brother one on one. He and I are always both so busy with school and work and life even though we still only live like 5 minutes apart and go to the same school, it’s an occasion if we even see each other once a week.



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